I almost got hit by a car today and I realized that I did not care if I got hit or not, I didn’t have any reaction at all, I only heard a friend screaming my name in panic, and still didn’t care Itwasntgoodenoughtobetrue

  • G: You're smiling while you're crying, but I belive more in your eyes than your smile, and you're not happy, I see that
  • M: *unable to talk without breaking down*
  • G: So your mom has your dad, your brother has his girlfriend, but... who do you have?
  • M: *already broke down* no one anymore

Benny just died in my hands.

Yes, I feel awful.



  • Someone: do you have tattoos?
  • Me: yes
  • Someone: can I see them?
  • Me: no

Facciamo finta che non interessa a nessuno che io esisto


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